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Lifting Wrist Wraps

Lifting Wrist Wraps

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Ensure the safety of your wrists as you beat your personal chest records!

All of us in the flat supine have tried to break a record but couldn't because of lack of stability in the wrist.

With this product you will be able to break the record you so much desire without putting yourself at risk for the next workout.


  • Multifunctional Wrist Support - This wrist brace can be used to prevent wrist injuries, relieve pain, increase wrist mobility, and speeds up recovery. Also Ideal for proving support and relieving pain from a range of wrist conditions such as Wrist Fractures, Sprained Wrist, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Tendonitis or Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Adjustable Wrist Brace - Made from durable stretchy material, which makes it adjustable to tightness and comfort degree. Made with high-quality stitching and strong closures, your wrists could be protected well with these wrist supports, no matter what type of lifting or pressing movements you're doing in the gym.
  • Easy To Wear - Just fix the finger hole on the thumb, then surround the bandage from the back of hand to the palm. Thumb loop makes the wrist brace easy to put on and take off. Unisex and ambidextrous, perfectly fit both left and right wrists.
  • Soft Material with High-quality - Double seams and laser trimming create a comfortable wearing experience. High-quality Material prevents displacement of the support wrap during exercise. Suitable for most workout activities like weightlifting, bodybuilding, cross training, strength training, yoga, Cross Training and more.

Package contains:

  • 2 x Wrist Wraps


Due to high demand, orders may take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Please email us at if you have any questions

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